Bureau Idéal plays with objects and spaces, their narratives and decorations, imagining new ways of living, reading and consuming a story on a daily basis.

We live surrounded by objects which often hide anecdotes that time and usage have contributed to erase or forget. Bureau Idéal brings the stories to life, inviting to read the surfaces as through the pages of a book or the frames of an animation movie.

François Bonnot (designer) and Giada Ganassin (visual artist) met at the Design Academy Eindhoven (NL) where they both graduated from a Master in Design.

Since 2020 they experiment and have fun with different building techniques and materials such as clay, wood, alluminium, combining their designing, making and decoration skills and fascinations. The results of their collaboration are unique, ingegnous and poetic objects. 

Bureau Idéal works on self initiated projects and on commission pieces.

In 2022, Bureau Idéal's ceramics have been exhibited at Librearia Marini in Rome (Italy) and at Nous Paris in Paris (France). In 2023 we presented the Là-haut les étoiles wardrobe in the collective exhibition at Poush in occasion of Paris Design Week.

If you have any question, you can write us an email at lebureauideal@gmail.com or come visit our workspace at Poush - 153 Av. Jean Jaurès 93300, Aubervillers.