Objects and Drawings

Paris Design Week - POUSH, Aubervilliers

7th - 10th September 2023

We will be part of the collective exhibition organised by Poush during Paris Design Week, opening on Thursday 7th and running through the week-end. Our workshop will be open to visitors as well.

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La Primavera 

We often get asked « why Bureau Idéal? »

The answer is obvious for us: what a better place to work than the one where your imagination is allowed to materialise into objects and spaces, where drawings speak for themselves ?

But literally "Bureau" means desk, office, and this time we made - literally - a Bureau Idéal, that might pop up next time you google our name.

"La Primavera" - Glycero paint on wood (h75cm, w 200cm, d 100cm)

Day and night walking 

A vase that contains an animated story. Under the sunlight a caracther stands up, walks, runs, and - under the moonlight - it falls and everything starts over again.

Earthenware clay, colored slip

Plates !

A new serie of stoneware clay plates decorated with oxyde, that you can spread around the table like the pages of a story book


Stoneware clay, oxyde

New cups ! Nouvelles tasses !

New cups are available in our webshop, drawings inspired by the end of winter :


Earthenware clay, colored slip